make me choose:

mythaelogy said: 'beauty is terror. […]' or ‘[…] from vulgar to divine.’

She was a living reverie for me: the mere sight of her sparked an almost infinite range of fantasy, from Greek to Gothic, from vulgar to divine.

I’ve actually gotten to live this. 5 years and 2 kids later and it just gets better. Some women come on like a drug, and leave the same way. The one that sets a fire that burns brighter as time goes on is a rare, and therefore precious, thing. Treat it as such.

That is not to say you should put her on a pedestal. She is a human capable of all the mistakes of one. She is not divine. She is simply a lens to show you the divine within yourself and the universe. She is not your possession, she is your church.

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Luis Ricardo Falero, Vision of Faust (Oil on canvas), 1878.



Kay Sage (American, 1898-1963), The Answer is No, 1958. Oil on canvas, 39 × 32 in. Yale University Art Gallery.

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